How To Make a Private Blog – PBN Creation

How To Create A Powerful PBN

If you have wanted to create a private blog network for ranking your websites, you probably know that it is a time-consuming process. Also referred to as PBN’s, these were popularized several years ago, and have become a very common way for people to get backlinks pointing to their money pages. The process of creating one can be quite comprehensive, requiring people to understand how to choose the expired domains that they are going to purchase. They then need to learn how to set up these domains on different IP addresses, making sure that their identity is blocked out the domain registrar level. Here is a quick overview of how to make a private Blog and create a powerful PBN that can help you rank your websites very quickly.


An Overview Of PBN’s

Private blog networks have been equated to link farms which are frowned upon by Google. However, they are actually very different. A link farm typically has low value domains, with low quality content, hosted on the same server with identical IP addresses. A private blog network, on the other hand, is designed to be virtually undetectable by Google, appearing as if there are separate owners of the websites that are posting links pointing back to money sites that you also own. Purchasing the domains is the first step of the process, and to do this, you will have to find an expired domain auction platform.

How To Purchase Expired Domains

In order to purchase valuable expired domains, you must first sign up with a with an expired domain auction website. One of the most popular is GoDaddy Domain Auctions. Although you could sift through all of the different domains that come up, this is not going to help you find one very quickly. Most of the people that are able to build PBN’s rapidly use services or software that can help identify which domains are the most valuable, and then track those domains up until the end of the auction. You are going to bid on these domains in a similar fashion to how you would on eBay, waiting to the last minute to put in the final bid in order to win. Valuable domains that have high PR ranking, domain authority, and page authority, are going to be very expensive. If they are over 10 years old, and they are receiving backlinks from extremely powerful websites that were naturally acquired, you could pay several thousand dollars for a domain. However, the power of those domains is incredible, and if you build your private blog network properly, you could actually rank websites within a month or less if you are targeting long-tail keyword terms.

How To Host Your Expired Domains

There are two different ways that you can host your domains. First of all, you can purchase individual shared server accounts at places like Host Gator where the IP address is going to be different. You might want to also purchase business accounts, a VPS, or a dedicated server that has multiple IP addresses. You will have to configure the domain name servers to connect with each individual IP address from each of the hosting accounts. The other solution is to work with a company that already has hundreds of different hosting accounts that have hundreds of different IP addresses, making this process very simple. The key is to make sure that the IP address for each domain is different, and that each domain has a private registration. If you don’t, then Google will know that it is you purchasing the domains and linking back to your own websites. In fact, it’s recommended that you also add a private registration to your money sites so that there is no way they can trace you back to any of the domains you have purchased. Once you have added all of your expired domains to different hosting accounts, or if you are using one of these PBN services, you will be ready to build your blog.

How To Post On Your Blog And Link To Your Money Sites

The final part of the process is to set up a system where you are linking to the different money sites that you have, intermittently posting on different domains within your PBN. Some people have stated that you should never post more than three or four links from one expired domain to a single money site, but others will say you could do 5 to 10. To be on the safe side, minimize the amount of links that you have coming from one expired domain going to each money site that you own. The more expired domains that you purchase and add to your private blog network, this will not be an issue at all.

Once you have everything set up, you can begin to create websites for AdSense, or selling affiliate products, and start to rank these websites high on the search engines. The more links that you have coming from your PBN sites, the more likely it will rank in top positions. You will want to post PBN links, targeting sub pages that you have posted in different categories on each money site to rank those as well. You will only want to target one particular keyword per post, and most importantly, never use the target keyword more than 2% of the time in the hyperlink text from your PBN blogs.

These a just a few tips and there is a little more to it than this. If you can follow these simple rules, and if you do this consistently, you will start to see your websites begin to rank higher in the search engines on autopilot.

You may want to outsource the creation of the articles that you are going to post, as well as hire a person or company to post on your PBN’s for you as this is a very tedious process.

This concludes this basic overview of how to create a powerful PBN that will help you begin to rank all of your money sites as quickly as possible. It may cost you money initially for the expired domains, plus the money for the hosting, but you should be able to generate sales that will compensate your expenses by creating your very own private blog network.

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