What I Do

What I Do

My own tattoo experience began in 1975 and I’ve been tattooing professionally since 1989. In that time I’ve seen many styles come and go and have developed a good understanding of what will work and what won’t. I’m known for bright, solid, colors and also detailed black work such as portraits and wildlife.

I’m happy tattooing almost anything, but my work of choice is large, well thought out theme pieces, custom made to flow with the shape of the body. Although the prep time demanded of me for this type of work is most intense, the reward lies in the finished product.


Safety First

Your safety is my business. I’ve participated in many workshops and seminars addressing Prevention of Cross Contamination and have also been licensed in Maine and Nevada. You will never be tattooed by me with anything other than brand new needles. All tubes are stainless steel and autoclaved in their own separate steri-pouch. All expendables (ink trays, ointment applicators etc.) are single use and will be disposed of immediately when tattoo session is completed. You’ll never be shaved or rubbed or wiped with anything that has touched anyone else.


Currently at Tattoos by Bill

211 Younge St.



Monday to Saturday: 12-9


New Clients – Walk In

Existing Clients – By Appointment

Appointments require a twenty dollar deposit which comes off the price of the tattoo. In the event of a cancellation, deposit will be returned provided I’m given reasonable notice–usually 24 hours. For large custom work, I like to see and hear your ideas beforehand to ensure your piece fits and will get all the extra drawing time and polish that it deserves.

Sorry kids, no one under eighteen will be tattooed. Not even with parent’s consent.

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