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Four Cardinal Sins Of Selling Real Estate


My wife Sharon, who’s been selling real estate for a few years now, has written and shared the following post.

Selling real estate is not as simple as placing an ad in the paper then doing nothing while someone comes along and places bids. It is all about making your place stand out from all others in a positive way. The best way to achieve this would be to avoid the following mistakes.


1. Making Pricing Errors

I have a serious problem when it comes to guessing the worth of a home, which is why I insist on having appraisals and other estimates performed. There is no way that I want to set a price that is so low that people will believe there is something wrong with it. On the other hand, it should not be overpriced in a way that prevents it from being as appealing as comparable properties in the area.

2. Ignoring Small Snags

Okay, so you may not be too keen on taking all of your money and pouring it into repairs, but you should go around and make as many small fixes as you can. Simple issues like broken outlet covers and shaky railings should be taken care of as soon as possible. Ignoring them will give people the impression that you do not care too much about your property at all.

3. Not Having Someone Stage It

Yes, there are actually people out there who are paid top stage homes and make them look more appealing to buyers. Don’t be so frugal that you totally rule out hiring one of them. You may believe that you have some sort of magical formula when it comes to things like this, but this is one thing that is better left to the experts.

4. Trying To Sell With No Agent

This is a mistake that numerous people make on their quest to avoid spending too much money during the selling process. While it is not impossible to sell your home with any help from a realtor, it is definitely not something you should take a chance on. There are various methods and techniques for selling that you would never know unless you had as much experience under your belt as they do. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Alliston or New Tecumseth, look for a local agent who is experiences in the local market and knows the area.

You do not want to place your home up for sale and watch it sit there on the market for a very long time. Making sure that you don’t commit any of these sins is your first step to avoiding this fate.

Sharon Miller